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Dear Yossi, On behalf of myself and the members of AROME, we would like to congratulate you for the distinction received today in the framework of the Israeli Prize for Life Sciences Research 2017. Despite scientific activity and important obligations, you have always been on our side to disseminate the knowledge needed to improve the care of patients with cancer. We are very happy for you, and very honored to count you among the friends of AROME. With all our congratulations and the friendship of the Mediterranean oncologists Kindest regards Joseph Gligorov Жозеф Глигоров Follow the link

Primary systemic therapy and whole breast irradiation for locally advanced breast cancer: A systematic review

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Orit Kaidar-Person, Abraham Kuten, Yazid Belkacemi, On behalf of AROME Abstract The current management of locally advanced breast cancer (LABC) is based on tri-modality treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The concept of preoperative concurrent or sequential chemoradiation for LABC was initially reported more than a decade ago; however this concept did not gain popularity because of the low benefit/risk ratio and the lack of strong data supporting the concept. The purpose of the current systematic review was to explore the published data about preoperative chemoradiation (sequential and/or concurrent)using whole breast irradiation in terms of toxicity and outcome. by AROME webmaster, 16 June 2014 Review

“The Infinite Maze” of breast cancer, signaling pathways and radioresistance

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“The Infinite Maze” of breast cancer, signaling pathways and radioresistance Orit Kaidar-Person,Christine Lai,Abraham Kuten,address AROME Abstract The parallel growth in our understanding of tumor biology and genetics might be the key to understanding local recurrence after optimal treatment is applied. Data suggest that genetic alterations and breast cancer molecular subtypes have an effect on radiotherapy efficacy and that the HER2, EGFR/PI3K/Akt signaling pathways play a pivotal role in modulation of post-irradiation survival. These pathways have been found to be involved in radiosensitivity and/or radioresistance, tumor cell proliferation, and hypoxia. Therefore, affecting the functional activity of key players combined with radiotherapy might be the future of breast irradiation. Keywords: Radiobiology, Breast cancer, Radioresistance, Molecular subtypes, Radiotherapy, AROME by AROME webmaster, 14 May 2013