Welcome to AROME Junior Network (AJN)

The Society is a result of cooperation between cancer care professionals in Mediterranean area. AROME Junior Network (AJN) mission is to promote standards of excellence in education for high-quality cancer care all around the region.Membership in AROME Junior Network (AJN) is especially designed for young specialist and residents making a network among young people in Oncology community of the Mediterranean countries.

Chapters of the AROME Junior Network (AJN) have unique needs. This section is designed to address those concerns. While all of the content found on the AROME website is designed with both AROME and AJN chapters in mind, this section contains information and ideas specifically intended for AJN members and advisers.

The primary interests of AROME Junior Network are:

  • To promote the highest standards of cancer care among young oncology professionals and connect them through knowledge.
  • To study, research and exchange information, experiences, and ideas leading to improvement in oncology
  • To identify and work to improve oncology practice issues that adversely affect patient access to cancer care
  • To support and encourage clinical research against cancer.

In order to carry out these interests, some of the goals for the AROME include:

  • Act as a resource on the “accepted medical practices” associated with cancer care
  • Provide a forum for education of our members on current technologies and their role as accepted medical practices
  • Provide communications to our members and others on issues affecting patient access to cancer care and the practice of oncology.

AROME offers members of sponsoring states relevant and valuable educational and informational programs designed to help oncology professionals guide their practices through the many diverse challenges they face.