This 3-day ESO course is dedicated to clinical, technical and biological innovations in the management of cancer with emphasis on radiation oncology. Hot topics such as single and hypo-fractionated RT, stereotactic brain and body RT, focal RT, particle RT, radiobiology of hypo-fractionation, SBRT and particle RT, the scientific basis of immunotherapy, combination of RT and immunotherapy and targeted therapies, prediction of response and complications, will be discussed. In addition, local Israeli high-tech achievements and innovations in basic and applied cancer research will be presented.


  •  Update the knowledge in radiobiology, hypofractionated, stereotactic brain and body RT, focal RT, particle RT, the scientific basis of immunotherapy and combined RT – immunotherapy and  targeted therapies.
  •  Become aware of innovative strategies in radiation oncology and combined modality
    therapy of cancer
  •  Learn how to incorporate the innovative strategies in daily practice


F.A. Calvo, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon, Madrid, ES
J. Bernier, Genolier Swiss Medical Network, Genolier, CH
A. Kuten, Italian Hospital, Haifa, Israel Cancer Association and National Oncology Advisory Board, MOH, IL
Z. Symon, Chaim Sheba Medical Center and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University,Tel Aviv, IL
Y. Belkacemi, Hôpitaux Universitaires Henry Mondor, Region de Paris, FRFACULTYRegional and international faculty with knowledge and expertise in innovative approaches in radiation oncology will participate in the course and the list will be provided in the second announcement.


Application to European and national CME accreditation will be submitted.


Recognising the pivotal role of the industry and according to their expertise in the field ofinnovation in radiation oncology, selected companies will be invited to actively contribute
with specific lectures and presentations in the main programme and their participation, being limited to the specified lectures, will be complemented by independent speakers with the commitment to provide an unbiased and balanced programme.