Dear colleagues,

What most characterizes the evolution of the human species is its ability to explore their environment and the nature of life since time immemorial. This thirst for knowledge is accelerating decade after decade and brings us today in the field of medical sciences, particularly in oncology in the privacy of cells and mechanisms regulating human life and death.

The significant progresses made ​​since the end of the last century have certainly resulted in the hopes of healing and control of deadly diseases ever unsurpassed. However, this requires constantly sharing knowledge between the life explorers, the inventors of treatments and therapists. All cancer fighters, we have a need for better sharing needs.

AROME since its inception has defended this thirst for knowledge sharing for improvement of cancer care around a common heritage that is the Mediterranean area.

Today we are happy to welcome you to this first meeting in Montenegro dedicated to this exchange.



Joseph Gligorov & Vladimir Todorovic


Organizing committee

Prof. dr Vladimir Todorović (Montenegro)

Dr Joseph Gligorov (France)


Scientific committee

Prof. Nuran Bese (Turkey)

Prof. Hamouda Boussen (Tunisia)

Prim Dr Nada Cicmil Sarić (Montenegro)

Dr Nebojša Crnogorac (Montenegro)

Prim Dr Đoko Jočić (Montenegro)

Prof. Abraham Kutten (Israel)

Prof. Francois Lokiec (France)

Prof. Sedat Turkan (Turkey)

Prof. Yossi Yarden (Israel)

Prof. Snježana Tomić (Croatia)